Fall Feelings

It's fall which means there is beauty and inspiration every where even if it's lacking from my blog. Friday was a wash-out. After work I ran to the metro in a down pour, but this is what greeted me as I got off my stop:
A picture perfect symbol for me of God's promises of good things to come after a storm. There is beauty and glory in the bright, blazing fall colors that signal the death of summer and the coming winter.
Fall for me also signals that it's time for me to catch a cold. Seriously, without fail I get sick every October. And this weekend was no different.  On Saturday morning I ventured out into the crisp air and the sunshine and headed to a ballet class at the new studio I've been trying out and loving. I left feeling happy and refreshed and alive- the power of ballet- but by the time I got home and showered my body said no more! You're done!

This weekend was homecoming at my university but I had decided that the flights this year were too high to make it worth the short trip.  I guess my cold came at the right time, because if I'd been healthy I would have definitely missed being there even more. Instead my weekend was spent either in bed or on the couch with a cup of tea and blankets and movies and Tylenol and self-pity.

And before I knew it, Monday was back again- it's annoyingly reliable like that. Tonight I have Young Life club to look forward to and more ballet classes this week, so I will not be letting my cold ruin this week or my favorite season!


  1. I am so in love with fall this year! Seeing a big rainbow is always special and a sweet reminder we are not forgotten.


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