5 D.C Food Trucks: Part 2

I wrote about the first 2 food trucks I tried here and I want to write my reviews of the other 3 out of 5 before the weather gets too cold and you can't enjoy them any more!

3. Stella's Popkern: Popcorn is hands down one of my favorite foods. I often just eat a big bowl of it for dinner. I never go to the movies and not get popcorn.  This all adds up to a very excited me when I discovered the popcorn food truck! They have a ton of different flavors, plus a mystery flavor every day: {Caramel, Salty Caramel (my favorite), Chocolate Drizzle dusted with Sea Salt, Clarified Butter with Brazilian Sea Salt, Zesty White Cheddar Cheese, Zesty White Cheddar sprinkled with Old Bay, Basil Infused Olive Oil with Ginger Sea Salt }

4. Surfside: This truck is the mobile version of the Glover Park restaurant and it's equally delicious. I had the grilled fish tacos with guacamole, black bean and corn  salsa and lime sour cream. Plus it comes with rice. I was a little nervous about fish tacos from a truck but they were so yummy, I would definitely get them again.  They also have chicken or beef barbacoa and you can do tacos or burritos or burrito bowls.

5. Chick Fil- A: It wasn't a huge stretch for them since it's fast food to begin with but there are some differences. The biggest thing you'll notice is they don't have waffle fries (or any fries for that matter)!! That was a bit of a shock. Their menu is limited to either a cfa chicken sandwich or an 8 count nugget. You can add 2 sides of either cole slaw, side salad, fruit cup, chips or brownie.  Not quite the same without their fries or lemonade but it still satisfies my craving for chick fil a deliciousness.

Now I can cross of #63 on my list! If you have  favorite DC food truck that I just have to try please let me know!


  1. We will definitely be visiting the popcorn truck next time I'm in town!

  2. When I come for lunch with you I want to hit a food truck! I'll call you to plan a date!!! Promise.


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