Thursday Thoughts

Minor hiatus this week, no real reason just not feeling inspired by this work week. Thank goodness for weekends, or what would I write about?

Last Friday my sister and I were both travelling separately to NJ to visit the parents. Unfortunately for sister her flight got cancelled, fortunately for me she got on a different flight to DC and got to meet me for lunch! The annoying part of her day became the highlight of my day.
We grabbed lunch at one of my favorites, Nandos. We first had Nando's in England and it reminds us of so many good memories and Young Life dinners. sigh.

Anywho, after lunch I took her to my office and she got to meet my coworkers and some of the interesting characters I'm always talking about. My manager generously let me skip out of the office early and I was able to get us both onto earlier trains up to my parents so we could head out of town sooner. I could definitely not concentrate on work knowing sister was just around the corner waiting for me to get out.

Upon arrival we went straight to the diner, it's what you do in NJ. We spent the rest of the evening just relaxing as a family and watching the olympics- thank goodness for shark week or what would people watch now??

Saturday we packed up the car and the coolers and headed to tailgate for the Kenny Chesney/Tim McGraw concert with some family friends.
We enjoyed bubba burgers, the yummiest mexican dip (must get the ingredients from my mom) and refreshing Pims Cup. I made this a few weeks ago for an Olympics/London themed event at work. It's a traditional British cocktail and perfect for sitting in your lounge chair outside on a hot summer day listening to country music.
Ingredients: 1 Part Pimms to 2 parts Sprite (or lemonade). Add sliced lemon, oranges, limes, strawberries and cucumbers and fresh mint. Enjoy!

Being that this was a country concert gave me an excuse to break out my favorite red cowboy boots! I was actually quite surprised with how many people I saw in cowboy boots and hats in New York. I guess it's true what Brantley Gilbert sings, country must be country wide. hehe
Besides, no one, at least no one with eyeballs, can resist the charms of Tim McGraw... those arms... oh boy.
Kenny and Tim sang every one of the songs I hoped they would, all my favorites, that's rare for a concert. Usually they try to force a bunch of new stuff on you. I sang my heart out and now I'm paying for it with a ridiculously sore throat and I haven't felt like talking much or writing this week.

Oh well, happy Thursday!! This coming weekend is looking pretty exciting as well, I'm planning to get my oil changed and supervise the house painters. umm...


  1. Looks like fun...and I want those boots!

  2. Hi, I read your mom's blog and started following you when she linked over to your 101 in 1001... I keep trying to finish my list... Maybe that should be #1!

    I nominated you for a blog award on my blog...

  3. What a fun little getaway. that was cute that you got to hang with your sis even though I'm sure it was a wrench in her plans about her flight getting canceled. There is always a silver lining though :)


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