Five Things

This weekend was just what I needed. Filled with absolutely nothing on the schedule. I have been on the go or out of town most weekends so a relaxing, totally lazy one at home, in my pj's most of the day was perfect.

I only did 5 things this weekend....

1. Went for a long walk with my roommate to Whole Foods.
2. Had lunch and gelato at Whole food before walking back.
3. Went grocery shopping for the week and bought all new shower stuff. (I love getting new shampoo and body wash and throwing out the old bottles).
4. Made two more recipes off Pinterest for Saturday night:

(salmon recipe)
**I baked it instead of grilling and used a red bell pepper instead of a hot pepper because that's what I had. I served it (to myself) with cous-cous on the side and it is a perfect light dinner dish.

(cake recipe)
**This cake is so rich and the coke adds a little spice to it. Best served with a big cold glass of milk.

5. Shamelessly watched both seasons of Downton Abbey. Only season 1 is on Netflix and Peter has an account that he lets me use. I of course then had to sign up for Hulu+ simply so I could watch season 2.

And that's it. I had to go to bed afterwards since I was so sad Downton Abbey had concluded. I guess I'll hang onto that Hulu+ subscription and wait for season 3.


  1. Mema used to make coke cake and it was delish. Not spicy though...I'll have to check out your recipe. Maybe for Daddy's birthday?

  2. That salmon looks amazing! I'll have to try it soon!

  3. Sounds like a perfectly relaxed weekend! I'll take a piece of that cake, thank you!

  4. I've heard of coca cola cake and would love to try it. BTW, where is item 2 on your list? Did I miss it?


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