Friday I left work early. Then, with my aunt, uncle and two cousins who live close by, I drove down to Tennessee for a mountain top service in honor of Anna. I can't find adequate words to write about this and I don't even really want to. I want to hold on to it, and just let myself be overwhelmed. Keep the memory to myself from this sweet time with our family that we needed but wished we didn't have to go through.

I was in Tennessee for less than 48hours. My parents drove me back to Maryland and I arrived home last night to no power/no AC. It seriously looks like a tornado cut right through the street and there are trees down everywhere, taking power lines with them. Fortunately we have been "enjoying" the heat wave along with the rest of the country. But since weekends like the one my family just had really puts things in perspective I'm not going to complain or whine. There are bigger things.

This is no big deal, just unpack my weekend bag. Repack with work clothes dug out from my closet with the help of a flashlight, hop in a taxi with the roommate (no traffic lights makes me nervous) and head to a hotel. Laugh about it, charge my laptop, and get on with things.


  1. I just read your Mom's lovely post about this weekend too. What a special, special memory for all of you.

    That storm just wrecked havoc on so many folks. Do hope things get back to normal really soon.


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