The Hodgepodge

I am linking up over at my mom's blog today for the Hodgepodge.

1. Did March come in like a lion or was it something less ferocious in your neck of the woods?
For having a rather unseasonably warm winter so far, the first few days of March have been pretty darn chilly. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a beautiful weekend that I'll be spending a little further South.

2. Speaking of lions, which one's your film favorite...The Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz), Mufasa (The Lion King), Elsa (Born Free), or Alex (Madagascar)?
Elsa!! I've totally forgotten about this movie! I was in love with it! I had a stuffed animal (a tiger actually, but still in the feline family) that I named Elsa. Such a sweet movie if you've never seen it!

3.What's your favorite spot from which to view the sunrise or sunset?
Sitting in a chair, smelling like sun screen, right here:
And I will be doing just that in approximately 61 days. But who's counting.

4. To what extent is knowledge power and to what extent is truth power? What's the difference?
I am going to refer to this verse: "Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

5. What's something peculiar you've seen recently?
I wont even begin to tell you what Peter and I witnessed in the metro not too long ago (permanently scarred. forever. don't ask questions. the end).

6. Bottled water...your thoughts?
I don't think about it too hard. I drink a lot of bottled water at work because it's available. I love sparkling water so I'll buy the big bottles sometimes. At my house we have Brita filter so I use that. But I also don't have a problem with drinking water right out of the faucet (cup optional). Tap water is filtered and regulated as well you know.

7. What's your strongest sense?
My hearing. Consequently, I often find myself eaves-dropping on the people around me...

8. I wrote my previous two posts on Sunday night. For some reason this made me very antsy. I hardly ever write posts more than a day in advance and I've found myself checking and re-checking scheduled posts, editing and adding content and anxiously waiting for them to appear on my blog. I'll kick myself if after all of my fretting there is a spelling mistake. Do you all ever do this? Or am I just too OCD sometimes? It's like all of a sudden I'm a really eager blogger. Quite the shift, no?

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  1. I'm not counting either but can't wait to be sitting right beside you in my own chair smelling of sunscreen in 61 days : )

    Recheck? You know I'm not at all anal about stuff -ha!

  2. Oh, my goodness, can't leave us hanging like that! Dying to know what you saw! Care to let the secret out? ;)

  3. You HAVE to tell us NOW! ;-)

  4. I must edit my posts at least 3 times each. Once I post, it seems like I find some little typo, or something that doesn't make sense if you're not me.
    Love the picture of the beach. so peaceful!


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