Fun This Fall

I have decided I really want to take advantage of all that the surrounding D.C, Maryland, Virginia area has to offer. There are a lot of things I want to do this fall!

Washington's largest and oldest Greek Festival is this weekend- Greek food, beers and wines, live music and a Greek marketplace with free admission- I think my Greek boyfriend would be up for that! (more info here)

The Renaissance Festival- My family used to go here every fall when sister and I were younger. And Peter's family did the same. Funny to think we could have both been there at the same time... I'm hoping to eat a giant turkey leg, watch some sword swallowers, and I'm hoping it's as fun as I remember! (more info here)

Redskin's Game- Peter's family has season tickets to the Redskins and I have never been to a professional football game before. So this is definitely on the top of my list!

Along those same football lines... My favorite place to get crabs does a Monday Night Football special: all you can eat crabs for $22.95! Must do this before it gets cold!

Old Rag Mountain- Peter has been visiting his sister in Colorado since last Tuesday and he gets home today. From the sound of it and from the pictures he's texted me to make me jealous, he's pretty much gone hiking everyday! I love hiking and I love being outdoors, especially this time of year as the cooler, nicer fall days are moving in. A friend at work said Old Rag Mountain in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Shenandoah National Park was the funnest hike with the best views. I definitely want to check it out!

I also really want to go camping this fall! Maybe we'll make a trip out of the Old Rag hike and stay the night in the park there. I'm ready to throw on my flannel today!

This is just a handful of the things I'm excited to do this fall. This is definitely my favorite season!


  1. have so much fun! i'm trying to make the best of my last semester in grad school, and the mountains here are BEAUTIFUL in the fall. i love this season too :)

  2. Fun I love fall too...I hope you get to do all those things! I'm so ready to put on sweaters and make soup!

  3. That looks like an awesome trip to me!!


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