Blog Goals and The Bachelorette

66 more posts by January 1, 2012

13 posts per month

3 posts per week

300th post on 1/1/12

That's what I'm aiming for.

I like milestones to fall on significant days. 300 posts on the 2nd birthday of my blog is very pleasing to the OCD side of my brain. Plus its good to set a goal for consistent blogging each week- and this leaves room for some weeks to have more or less posts.
Now on to more important things like The Bachelorette!

Who watched the train wreck that was this season?? The finale was equal parts cheesy and gut wrenching-ly painful. I was never a fan of Ashley and I definitely think it was so wrong of her to let Ben get down on one knee and spill his heart out before she rejected him. NOT NICE! But I do think JP is so cute and I hope they can make it work. What do you say, over or under 1 year?

I enjoyed reading the minute by minute hilarious commentary that my mom found here. So if you missed it this is a great recap. Now I wish they would get somebody totally NEW to be the next Bachelor. Some guy that has no past history on this show, please.


  1. I totally get the OCD/CDO thing! I keep a log of my gym visits since I started working out seriously 3 years ago. I set these goals for my birthday every year. I am(as of today') on workout # 610, and goal is to be at #650 (or higher, as long as it's a number ending in 5 or zero) by October 20th. Kevin wants to know when I am going to stop counting and he thinks it's weird(I think). I told him I am going to stop counting at 1,000. But I said that at 500....and 300...and....anyway!! The point is, it is refreshing to know that someone else thinks like I do!! Are we nuts?! Who cares! Happy counting and blogging! I totally get it! Hahaha,
    Peace, Aunt Sheila

  2. The first part of the post had me saying, yes-that's Daddy's girl. But that second half is all me : ) Love you!

  3. Hhahahah I love that quote!! That describes me perfectly!! Great goals girl. Yes blogging is a great way to feed the OCD side of my brain as is such a great positive outlet right?!

  4. I hope you meet your pictures if you have nothing....still a post! I couldn't watch bachelorette...she was a train wreck! I hope they get someone new and unknown! Have a wonderful week!


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