First Weeked

My first week and weekend in the city were such a whirlwind! I pulled into Union Station last Sunday evening via Amtrak, with 2 ridiculously heavy suitcases. I feel like I am already settling into a routine here in my new D.C./ Maryland life! I am loving my new job and all the new people I am meeting. Plus it's been so fun reconnecting with old friends and my new roommates. (Let's see if I can say "new" a few more times...)

This Saturday my roommates and I went for a walk all around my new town. Saturday evening we went to church downtown. It was a really fun, contemporary service with a young crowd and great music and I'm excited to go back. After church we parted ways and I headed out to Alexandria for a BBQ at Peter's mom's house. Peter is still in Belize and I can't wait for him to be up here with me, but I loved spending time with his family even without him there!

On Sunday we woke up to an overcast sky but my roommates had talked me into to the Sweetlife music festival and I was not going to miss out on Walk the Moon, U.S Royalty, Modern Man, Theopolis London, Ra Ra Riot, Cold War Kids, Crystal Castles, Lupe Fiasco, Girl Talk, and The Stokes, just because of some silly rain.

The festival was sponsored by sweetgreen and featured all kinds of yummy organic food (including the delicious hotdog you can see in the corner of this picture...)
As well as treats from Georgetown Cupcake (as in the show on TLC).
Meet my new roommates...For the first few awesome sets we chilled under the blanket we had thankfully brought (I had also fortunately remembered an umbrella).
But when you throw Girl Talk into the mix..
I just can't help it...this is what happens to me:
Oh, and The Strokes were epic.


  1. Sounds like a blast. We spent 3 days of our Spring break in DC loved it...lots of walking and the metro is awesome. Tried to wait in line for a cupcake but 3 hours is just too much! Congrats I'm happy your next chapter in your life is going so well.

  2. I loved seeing the 'new' pictures : ) Your aunt and uncle (my brother) will be jealous you saw The Strokes...Daddy's sis and brother in law will also be jealous. In fact, we're all jealous and wish we were young again : )


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