Oh Happy Day!

It's 80 degrees and sunny here!
Had lunch outside with a dear friend. Then we went for Starbucks and quiet time in the park.
Then I met my roommate for ice cream and went back to the park. I love the park.
Such a glorious day. This is why I live in the South!
I am always happier in the sun!


  1. It was 75 here today. Adelaide & I had lunch with a friend and we ate outside on the patio at the restaurant. It was so gorgeous!!!! Glad you enjoyed your day. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Oh your weather sounds perfect. Starbucks, then ice cream? Sounds perfect!

  3. What a glorious day! I'm so jealous of your weather!

  4. I would love to feel 80 dgrees..it is spitting snow here. ugh. I'm glad you got your sunshine summer girl : )

  5. this weather is the bomb dot com! i am loving the warmer temperatures :)

    oh! and that is too funny about your friend in charlotte and you having to tell her i'm a blog friend...hehe. email me at carolinacitygirl{at}gmail.com. i want to see if your friend and i know each other!


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