A Few Fun Things

I haven't blogged in a while because I've been busy slipping and sliding around town in the snow. Plus I feel like every blogger in the South wrote about the "snowmaggedon" so I didn't think I had anything new to contribute. Here are a few fun things that I would like to share though:

First of all Facebook finally forced me to change to the new profile? How do you all feel about this? I resisted for as long as I could.

Peter got me a popcorn maker for Christmas and it was delivered to me today! I was a little annoyed because we said we were not going to exchange gifts-that we would rather plan a fun weekend away or a great night out. However I didn't complain that much because popcorn is my favorite! It's flavored popcorn maker so he also got me some kernels and white cheddar seasoning (white cheddar popcorn is my ultimate favorite- I have such a great boyfriend!!

This weekend I am looking forward to getting out of the house. Peter and I are planning on going to the Biltmore. I've never been and Asheville is only an hour away so it will be a fun, quick little trip. I'm excited!

We will be back in time on Saturday so that I can watch Miss America that night! It is on Saturday, January 15th on ABC at 9:00 pm! I'd like to watch it with my mom and my sister and pick out my favorite girls. Unfortunately mom lives in NJ so I'll settle for just the sister and texting back and forth with mom.

Along those lines.... who's been watching The Bachelor? Here are my top 3 girls:
(Jackie, Emily, and Ashley S. )

So I hope you enjoyed my post snow day catch up. It's been so nice that Peter has had 4 days off of school, it's like Winter Vacation is still going on! However I don't think snow days will ever be as much fun as they were back when I looked like this:
(I'm in the back row in the pink)


  1. Those are my top three on the Bachelor too!

  2. Adelaide has that same popcorn popper and we love using it when she is home. I want one now! I'm looking forward to watching Miss America too. Miss NC won in the talent competition the other day doing a dance routine. My daughters and I always love watching beauty pageants! Don't feel bad, I have not posted in over a month. Just too much going on around here and something had to give. I hope to get back in the groove this weekend. We had our 3rd major snowstorm in a month this past week. I am ready for spring! Enjoy Biltmore. If you need a good place to eat, go to Chelsea's in Biltmore Village. It is in an old house and the food is yummy! Awesome desserts! In the summer, it is fun to eat outside. Safe travels. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. Oh my gosh...look at all those little munchins in the snow day pic. Since we have discussed The Bachelor in minute detail I guess I don't need to tell you my favorites : ) Emily and Jackie!

    Can't wait to come visit and have popcorn on the couch with you!

  4. I must admit that I watched Miss America last night. B is out of town so I convinced the boys to watch the first few minutes with me. I know you're surprised but they didn't like it and only lasted til Miss Connecticut was introduced. I Tevo'd the rest and watched it by myself.


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