Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Do you think you are more like your mom or your dad?
Starting off with a hard one, thanks mom! Hmm.. well, I think I am a pretty even combination of both of them. I have a lot of my dad's OCD tendencies. We are both perfectionists. Also we both kind of like to have the last word in a discussion/argument. My dad and I both have the adventure/adrenaline gene. On the other hand, I feel like I am really sensitive to the emotions of people around me like my mom is- I like to think we are kind of the peacemakers in the family. We are both go with the flow most of the time. Also we are both bloggers, we both sing out loud in the car, and I've found I talk under my breath to myself aka think out-loud like she does.

2. Do you like roller coasters?
Yes I love them! Except actually I used to HATE them. My mom and I would patiently wait and hold bags while my dad would take my sister on the rides. I couldn't handle the ones with spinning, big drops, or upside down bits. I can't pin it to a particular year or moment but suddenly I like all those things!

3. How did you name your blog and do you now wish you'd thought about it maybe another five minutes before you hit publish? Would you change your blog title if it were not a huge pain in the derriere?
I debated a lot of names and did a little research to make sure there wasn't a blog just like mine with the same name. The other name I seriously contemplated was Shenanigans. But there was a girl named Shannon with a blog and we have way too much in common. Back to the whole OCD thing that I got from my dad, I HAD to post my first post on January 1st so I was determined to pick a blog name in time! I am still very happy with Sincerely Shannon.

4. What is the best wedding gift you received? Not married? Didn't get any gifts? Then what is the best wedding gift you've given?
I've only really given 2 or 3 wedding gifts and I think the best one I've given was the recipe book I gave my friend the other weekend. I put one of my favorite recipes in each section. I think I am going to take this time to say that the wedding gift I am most excited to receive in the future is one of these babies:
5. What is the one bill you most hate to pay?
Well, my rent bill is the largest. However, for the past few months I haven't had to pay my energy bill because they've just been taken it out of my deposit so when that runs out it's going to be sad to have to make yet another payment. Growing up sucks!

6. Is the glass half full or half empty?
Definitely half full! Another trait I get from my mom!

7. What is your favorite word? Okay okay. Calm down. One of your favorite words?
And ending with a hard question as well. Hmm.. I like the word "sincerely" and I like the word "shenanigans." I also say the word "pardon?" a lot. I think it sounds so much nicer than huh? or what?

*8. Here is my random contribution to today's random.
I am thankful for the relationships, the recipes, the inspiration, the support, and the creative outlet that my blog has developed into!

Happy Hodgepodge Everyone!


  1. What do you mean I talk to myself ?? : )

    Shenanigans! I love that one! I always think of you...thanks for coming to the rescue.

  2. Happy Hodgepodge to you too! I love these types of Memes because we all get to know each other, just a little better!

  3. Shenanigans is a great word. And although your own personality comes through wonderfully on your blog, I do see a little of your mom there s well. : )

  4. I LOVE my Kitchen Aid mixer...Santa?? I always say "sorry" when i don't understand someone...again much better than HUH???

    Great answers and I'll have to check your other site, I am on the hunt for a button.

  5. Standmixer is definitely going to be on my list! I love my mom's.

  6. Happy to meet you through your Mom's blog.
    I think we all wish for a kitchenaid mixer if we don't have one.
    Pioneer woman needs to giveaway more of them. lol

  7. I have a standing black mixer and LOVE it! I could totally see you loving roller coasters... and just about anything that makes life more fun!

  8. So glad you have come on board with roller coasters. Funny how you had to wait for January 1st, I never gave the date a thought! That was an awesome Wedding Gift. Maybe I could get married again and get one. Thanks for stopping over today.

  9. Definitely the stand mixer -- don't think I could live without mine!


  10. Enjoyed your answers and it is great to meet you. Your mom is a hoot and I love her to death, she can make me laugh and cry all in one post! And I have a lot in common with her we both love to talk so....
    until next time...nel

  11. Loved your answers. I have one of those mixers. Great for double batches of cookies, bread, etc.

  12. Those mixers are Ni-ice! Sure wish I had one! You did an amazing job with the button!


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