I tried to create a clever acrostic poem out of the letters VOTE but it came out something like this:

gEt out to the polls

and that just looks weird, although it is true. Don't forget to vote today! I am super excited because this is the first time this great country is letting me vote. Back in 2008, even though I had just gotten my drivers license, for some reason the voting registration people didn't really think my campus p.o. box qualified as enough proof of South Carolina residency.

Isn't it awesome that we are free to vote for whomever we choose. That we actually have a say (however small) in who runs our country? Can you imagine not being able to vote? Do you believe that some places in the world go to war for this right?

I don't really enjoy heated political discussions because I get all feisty and worked up and they tend to stress me out so I appreciate the quiet, private way that voting allows me to declare my political beliefs.
And if I am perfectly being honest, I am really excited that I get to wear a sticker that says I Voted!

Fun fact: Did you know that "rise to vote sir" spelled backwards is "rise to vote sir"?

So when I am voting today I am going to think about the direction I want to see this country take. To remind you what the original plan was here is my favorite School House Rock song, that I had to learn in school in the 4th grade and that to this day I can still sing from memory:


  1. Love the "rise to vote sir" palindrome. That one is new to me. I've already been to the polls this a.m. Enjoy your inaugural voting experience!

  2. Love the song! And yes, I have been out to vote!

  3. Love the new header and colors!!


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