Ok Go!

I swear that store employees everywhere lurk in the back of their stores and wait for the clock to hit midnight on Halloween and then BAM! Christmas tree!

I went to Walmart on Halloween and then the very next day and it was a totally different place. There were trees everywhere and all the check out aisles were wrapped in seasonal paper. There is not a single leftover fairy wing or Michael Myers mask. It's all ornaments and tinsel. There can be no doubt now that the holidays are upon us! Hope you are ready!

Normally I think this quick shift into Christmas is a little ridiculous. Plus I think it's sad that Thanksgiving kind of gets the short end of the stick (I really think someone should come up with a good thanksgiving song or something). But I honestly don't mind this year. In fact, I have to confess, on my way to work this morning I may have listened to Alabama's holiday hit:"Tennessee Christmas. I think I was in the mood because it's actually snowing not that far away from me in Asheville and apparently some areas in the Smoky Mountains may get some powder too. Crazy, I know! I thought this was the South.

Anywho.... this brings me to today's thankfulness. I am so thankful that I get to go home for the holidays! My mom sent me my flight information for Thanksgiving in a sweet email saying how much she couldn't wait to have both my sister and I home, cooking, relaxing on the couch, celebrating. I am ecstatic and so grateful that I get to fly home and be with my family. It really is a huge blessing and I hope you all get to be with your loved ones during this season.


  1. I can just picture you, your mom, and sister cooking, talking, and just loving each other's company (and your day, too, of course). So glad you get to fly home soon. Oh, and thanks for encouraging me to do do this Giving Thanks carnival, too. :)

  2. SNOW??? Even we don't have snow yet. I did hear its supposed to be 60 next week. Huh?

    We do have Christmas decor everywhere. Yikes! It's only forty something days away. That can't be right, can it?

  3. I bought my first Christmas present this afternoon.

  4. I ran into WalMart this morning, and couldn't believe the Christmas music and decorations already. I'm with you about Thanksgiving: it's my favorite holiday, for sure.
    My son, who is going to the same school your parents (and I!) went, said they got 1 1/2 inches of snow last night, but it didn't last long.


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