So... tonight I am going to see Harry Potter. WooHoo!
My sister and I are going to the midnight showing, I am dork I know. But I don't care because it is going to be awesome!

Confession: I would totally dress up, if I knew my sister wouldn't be mortified and pretend she didn't know me...

Here's something that has been bothering me though. Fandango, where I purchased my ticket, and even some of the trailers I've seen think that people are stupid. They keep saying that the movie is out in theaters Thursday at midnight, when they really they mean Friday at midnight. They just know that if they said Friday people would assume tomorrow night. So when I bought my ticket I had to select the time I wanted as Thursday 12:01 am. If that was actually the case I would have already missed the show...Come on people!

I can't believe this is basically over. The first Harry Potter Book came out in the States when I was ten (which, if you didn't know, is a year younger than the age of the title character in the first book). I grew up with Harry Potter. The last book came out in 2007 when I was 19 (Harry is 17 in this book). I like how the books matured with the characters and the loyal readers who stuck with them. I am so thankful these final movies are rated PG-13 and that they didn't try to tone it down for the new younger audience. (I've ranted about this before..) This installment is especially dark and really isn't appropriate for children in my opinion. Whatever.

Look how much they've grown up?!

Anyways moving away from the Harry Potter topic. I did something stupid today. I got up for work at 7, left my apartment by 7:20 and got to work on time at 7:50. Sounds good right? Well, here's where it got stupid. I wasn't scheduled to come in until 11:00 am!! Are you kidding me?!! I could have slept for a whole 'nother 2 and half hours if I has just bothered to check my schedule. Tomorrow I am supposed to come in at 7:50, I got my days switched. And now I am actually back at home writing this blog post, killing time until I head back to work for real. I would have just stayed but I'm already working overtime this week so they wouldn't let me. So annoying.

Fortunately I am going to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows tonight, so my day isn't completely ruined.


  1. I think you know I would have struggled with that whole time thing : )

  2. I never got into the Harry Potter books, but I know folks like you are so excited about this movie. Enjoy! Sorry you got to work too early. I hate to do stuff like that. Have a wonderful weekend. Love & blessings from NC!


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