Written Word Week

I love my computer
I love television.
but I love books more.

This week I am going to try to turn off the tv and pick up a book instead. Reading stimulates your imagination and takes you away for a little while. It enriches your mind, which is not something I can say for The Bachelor Pad or "Slut Island"as my dad likes to call it.

So now I am going to turn off Rachel Zoe Project, take a shower, grab my journal, and head to Barnes and Noble to get lost (I mean found) for a little while.

Stay tuned for book reviews, suggestions, and maybe some library style and some opportunities to link-up and share some reading love. Join me this week if you want to and read...


  1. I love shutting everything out with a book! Have a great reading week :)

  2. A fun evening for Adelaide and myself is going to Barnes and Noble. We love to look at the books, check out the magazines and just get lost in a comfy chair and read, read, read. We love to stay until they close. We are both night owls! Have fun! Love & blessings from NC!

  3. i TOTALLY agree with you. For me this summer working at a summer camp was the perfect opportunity to step back from the TV and live outside of technology. I love it. Now, back in Budapest, I'm trying to keep that mindset and read more and watch less. Hope it works well for you too!! Also, I love B&N, not having one over here is so hard! And then, when I go home, I overload on more books than I can bring back with me! Ha!


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