Airport Snob

While on my mini vacation I decided that I have some very strong opinions about airports.
I left this calm, quiet airport on Friday morning...
and arrived to this scene in Newark...
I am a bit of an airport snob. I have been in more than my fair share of airports and feel like I can fairly judge them. I have a good eye for which security line is going to move quickest. Also I am a pro at negotiating crowds (I am pretty tiny and can bob and weave through the throngs of slow walkers who forget they're in an airport).

My all time favorite airport is Heathrow, terminal 5 to be specific. It is ginormous and seriously like a shopping mall complete with designer shops and yummy restaurants. I would go their just to hang out if they'd let me in without a ticket. However my second favorite is the airport I fly out of most often- GSP. I am not even kidding when I say that it takes 10 minutes max to check in for your flight and get through security, and I am taking into account the people who forget to take their laptops out of their cases, or forget to remove their shoes or the twenty dollars in change from their pockets, like it's their first flight ever. Still-10 minutes max! I know someone who got to the airport 30 minutes before her flight was supposed to take off and she still made it onto the plane with time to spare.

The GSP airport has spoiled me. Sigh... However I would wait in line for hours if at the end of the queue was a plane waiting to take me to see my family. (or to England, or the Maldives)


  1. Hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend. Have fun and get some rest. Your whole family are sure experts on traveling. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Being from NJ, I always fly out of Newark airport and it is always such a zoo!!! That is a very accurate picture of it!

  3. how funny! That picture just looks like craziness. You should see the wilmington airport (ILM) Only one terminal! ps. I left you an award on my blog :)

  4. Heathrow T5 are excellent for departure check in. They are not always so hot with arrivals security processing. It was a nightmare yesterday. It looked very similar to your Newark picture and not a pleasant experience after 13 hours of flying, In my view, Seoul is one of the best airports in the world for service.


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