The World Cup is upon us. Opening ceremonies and the first matches are today. What I am most excited for is tomorrow-because tomorrow England plays the US! What a game this will be! Peter and all his friends are gearing up to watch it and so am I. They asked me which team I will be cheering for. Here my loyalties were called into question. Am I a patriot or a redcoat, Peter wants to know? This should have been difficult, I should have been torn but to be honest I knew all along that I want England to win. I want England to go all the way.

My first World Cup experiences were in England. I honestly didn't know anything about it until I moved to England. So while a lot of my friends are excited about it this year I know that it is nothing compared to the excitement that is going on in England and around Europe right now. It's an absolute frenzy I tell you. Flags everywhere. Party food discounts at Sainsburys, Waitrose, and Tescos.* Jerseys and face-paint on everyone. The matches will be on in every restaurant and pub (that doesn't close for the games- yes people actually take off work).
*Mom those references are for you.

It would be really nice to see USA make it out of group play... but not at the expense of England. See there are 8 groups consisting of 4 teams each (32 teams total). England and the US are in the same group. The 4 teams play each other and based on goal differences only 2 teams advance from the group to the quarter finals. England will definitely advance and USA will have to play really well against Slovenia to secure second.
My hopeful predictions: 1. England 2. USA 3. Slovenia 4. Algeria.

At the risk of offending everyone in America I will say this: the World Cup is bigger than the Superbowl because the entire country is cheering for one team! It is awesome!

USA plays England tomorrow at 2:30 pm on ABC !
For more stats and history visit the FIFA website.


  1. I agree with your loyalties....I have to say I'm probably cheering for Germany. They love their soccer. I have never seen so many happy Germans! Flags are everywhere and everyone is wearing shirts...not just Germany but all the countries. It's quite the excitement. Fun to be here for some of it and see the unity. Have fun watching and a great weekend!


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