I Want to Be Her

If you could be one celebrity who would you be? I could never answer this question in the past but I know now I would be Giada de Laurentis, hands down. (Heidi Klum is a very close second).
-She makes absolutely yummylicious food!
-She is adorable.
-She has an exclusive product line at Target. (My happy place...)
-She dresses so cute- which I've discovered is because her husband works for Anthropologie!! (Anthropologie my dream happy place. Anthropologie and Target would make beautiful babies- aka I would love to see Anthropologie's stuff with Target price tags).
-Speaking of babies...she has an adorable daughter.
-She's Italian so I bet she gets to travel to Italy all the time and that's always nice.
-She wears OPI Bubble Bath nail polish. I love OPI Bubble Bath nail polish. (I am not a stalker, I found this info on the world wide web).
-Doesn't she just seem like the sweetest? Like she would gladly welcome you into her home?
Oh and did I mention she can cook?

Goal: Own all her books and try all/most of her recipes...


  1. She is adorable! Anthropologie and target....heaven! How about that game England/USA 1/1! I was awaken to the cheers of Deutschland win last night! Omg..they love their soccer!

  2. okay she is cute but so are you : ) I think you should share the best recipes as long as you're trying them all.


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