The Big 22

Today is my 22nd birthday! I don't have too many plans but I know it's going to be a really nice day!
Here are 22 things about me and my birthday, it is going to be a long post, but it's my birthday so I don't care.
1. I got ABC for lunch with my sister and Peter.
2. My sister got me the third season of the Tudors on dvd.
3. My mom and dad sent me this beautiful cake. It's Pink Lemonade flavor, lemony cake with strawberries in between the layers. Doesn't that sound so yummy?
4. My roommate got me this adorable picnic basket that came with a matching blanket! I cannot wait to use it.
5. Peter is going to take me out for a delicious dinner somewhere that I pick. I'm thinking this place downtown called The Cazbah (yes like "rock the casbah"). It's a yummy tapas restaurant that we haven't been to in a while with delicious lobster ravioli and baked brie and white sangria. But I might want indian food instead. I don't know.
6. I am really indecisive. Can you tell?
7. This is my first birthday not with my parents.
8. My favorite birthday cake that I always ask for is Angel Food Cake with strawberries and whipped cream on top.
9. My 16th birthday was my first birthday in England.
10. I didn't get my drivers license until after my 20th birthday. Yep junior year of college.
11. In 7th grade my birthday was on the last day of classes-it was awesome!
12. My mom threw awesome theme parties when we were kids! I had a cooking sleepover and we made english muffin pizzas, everyone got an apron with their name on it and the invitations were written on wooden spoons.
13. For my 12th birthday I wanted to see the new Star Wars movie (The Phantom Menace). The invitations read: "In a neighborhood far far away, Shannon is turning 12."
14. For my 19th birthday I went to Amsterdam with my dad and my good friend Elizabeth.
15. American Girl dolls and accessories were always favorite presents. That's Molly's trunk in case you were wondering.
16. My one older cousin's birthday is May 30th. We've celebrated our birthdays together a few times.
17. I love getting on facebook on my birthday and feeling all the love from my friends.
18. My dad took me to lunch for my birthday when we lived in Maryland and we would go to McGarveys in downtown Annapolis and I would eat my weight in mussels.
19. Last year for my birthday I got the macbook pro that I am writing this post on!
20. I don't feel 22.
21. I am going to have a lot of thank you notes to write.
22. Here's the first birthday.


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day! 22 is so young the world is at your feet...enjoy!

  2. Happy birthday, Shannon! Hope it's a great one!

  3. We did have some fun themed birthday parties!! I loved the birthday would mention 7th grade-ha : )

    Hope you are having a nice day...the cake is pretty. I hope it tastes as good as it looks. I wish I were there to try it for myself : (

    Happy Birthday! Love you bunches xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday, sweet Shannon!!! I hope you have had a wonderful day and that you will still continue celebrating! Loved all your birthday memories. My girls had some fun parties too. And they both had American Girl dolls. I know you wish you could be with Mom and Dad today. You will have to have a belated birthday party with Mom when she comes to visit in July. Your cake looks delicious!! Love & blessings from NC!

  5. Happy birthday ! hope you have a great day :) you're past birthday's sound a ton more exciting than mine. ha wish i had gotten to go over seas for a bday...maybe one year.

  6. Happy Birthday, Shannon. Sounds like you will have a fantastic day! I loved reading the 22 things about you and your birthday.

    (I'm a blogging friend of your mom's and a high school friend of your dad's.)


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