Let the Commencement Commence

Yep... that's right folks.

Today is my college graduation day!

I just absolutely cannot believe it. I keep thinking I'm going to get an email saying "oops sorry we made a mistake" or "actually you didn't pass this class so never mind, you have to stay."

I paid all my parking tickets and library fines and checked my academic status online like at least 7 times just to be sure I didn't forget something because, as I already said, I just absolutely cannot believe that I am graduating.

But I had rehearsal already this morning, they gave be a folder of information with my name on it and my assigned graduation seat number, so I guess this is real.

This is really happening. Really and truly.

I am going to walk across campus to the stadium in my cap and gown and funny sash thing, sit in my assigned seat, hear my name called, walk across a big stage, and get MY diploma.

What the heck!?

Well it's inevitable, I will be crying A LOT today!
They will be happy/sad/excited/scared/overwhelmed tears.

I hope I don't trip.


  1. Congratulations! I loved my graduation ceremony so much - enjoy it, eat it up, and take a million pictures!!!!

  2. Congrats! Major accomplishment girl! I know your parents are so proud....you have the world at your feet! Go get them!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I know you are so excited to be graduating, but I'm sure you have very mixed emotions too. Wondering what the future holds for you. Enjoy your summer. Since you will be staying for the summer, you won't feel like you have left college. Only you won't have the school work. That will be great. Have fun on vacation with your family next week. Enjoy your time together. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. I graduated last week & felt exactly the same way...I kept thinking there must be some mistake!

  5. It was a fantabulous day! We loved every minute. Especially the part where we're done paying your tuition but the rest of it too : ) Such an exiting moment in time...we love you!

  6. Congratulations on your graduation. What an achievement.


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