I am so excited for Easter tomorrow!

This is the first Easter I will spend with my parents since sophomore year of highschool!!!!
My junior and senior year Easter/spring breaks I spent with Young Life doing mission work in Romania.
Freshmen year of college I went home with my roommates. (Does my hair seem bigger than normal in this picture?)
Sophomore year of college I went to my relatives house in the smoky mountains, and last year I stayed at school with Peter and we spent it with my sister and my aunt and uncle and cousin who live nearby.

So not only am I with my parents this Easter, but I am also getting to do traditional Easter favorites that I have greatly missed. Today we dyed Easter eggs with my little cousins. I tried to make mine very girly and springy with paisley patterns and flowers... but there is only so much you can do with a wax crayon. My mom will post pictures of my efforts.
I got a new Easter dress too! I haven't gotten a new Easter dress in a long time and it was fun picking one out. I got it from JCrew and I have a confession... it is the only thing (aside from a pair of flip flops and a headband that were gifts) that I own from JCrew. It's true. I have a really hard time fitting into their clothes. Their clothes are just not cut right for me. But my Easter dress has this extra special hidden adjustable hook that allows me to make it smaller and I think it is absolutely genius!!

And finally I am so excited to go to church with my family tomorrow morning! I love that the church will be filled with lilies and praise songs and the hope of new life in Jesus and that I get to celebrate it with my parents.


  1. Happy Easter! Nothing beats being home for the holidays! Enjoy!


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