My Last Formal

This weekend was my last formal.
I cannot believe it! I am four four-for-four at Sigma Nu formals. Fortunately it was a great weekend-I could not have asked for a better last formal.

We got down to Pawley's Island around 7pm on Friday and went out to dinner for seafood with Peter's whole pledge class. After dinner we went back to the hotel and met up with everyone else and just hung out at the hotel. Side note: what do hotel's expect when they take reservations for almost 100 frat guys and their dates?
(The front of my cooler-it's a iPod dock with song lyrics too)
(back of my cooler)

Saturday we woke up pretty early (10am) so we could hit the beach for the day. This is probably my favorite part of formal. I love hanging out on the beach with everyone! This is the first formal that I didn't get sunburned at, I usually have bright pink shoulders and a pink nose in all my formal pictures.
(the scene)
(Senior ADPis)
(after I got thrown into the ocean)
(crazy diamonds)

Saturday night is the actual formal. I got ready with the other ADPi's that were there and took pictures with everyone. Then... I got really emotional. My one sorority sister and I went down the dangerous path of talking about how much we were going to miss everyone. I couldn't believe this was my last formal. At the actual formal all the senior guys give a little speech/toast... and I couldn't hold it together. They got up there and told everyone how much the past four years have meant to them, how much they are going to miss their best friends. They told funny stories and called people out for embarrassing memories. These guys were on brother hall freshmen year, and are some of my best friends! I can't image college without them, in fact I am having a hard time imaging not being in college, so yep there were definitely tears, but I was not the only one that's for sure.
(mirror pic)
(Adpi's at the dance)
(Peter and I with a great view! We had so much fun dancing the night away!)


  1. Shannon, what a fun weekend!! Isn't Pawley's Island so pretty? That is near where we go to the beach. Loved all your pictures and your beautiful dress. It looks so good on you! I know you are having some bittersweet moments as your senior year is drawing to a close. Friendships and memories to last a lifetime!!! Enjoy these last few weeks of college. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Awww I remember my last formal (tear) it was a blast! You looked so pretty! It sounds like y'all will have great friends to stay in touch with over the years and make so many more memories!

  3. Stumbled upon this blog from Pinterest and I love seeing other ADPi sisters!! Though this post is from a few years back, I wanted to say hi at least :) <> <> <>


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