I am participating in the Show Us How You Live series over at Kelly's Korner. This week we are sharing our goals for the new year. Now let me tell you, 2010 is going to be a BIG year for me so here are a few of the ways I plan on making it better!

I want to cook more. I love to cook, especially for other people! However, it is so much easier to, you know, not. I spend so much money on take out and eating out. What I want to do is plan out meals in advance and buy necessary and "flexible groceries." Groceries that can be more than one meal so that I don't end up buying olive oil every time I go to the store. If anybody has tips on responsible grocery shopping or great meals whose ingredients overlap let me know! (By the way I got the Pioneer Woman's cookbook and a new adorable apron from Anthropologie-my boyfriend's not going to know what hit him).

I want to go to church regularly. And I want my boyfriend to come with me. This past term I had a pretty good job with one pretty big downside- I worked evenings and every Sunday morning. ugh. I recently quit that job because this term I have an internship with a and I'm overloading so I will have no time to work a second job. While I'll miss the paycheck I am so excited that my Sunday's will be free!

Along those lines I want to be proactive with my course work. This means not leaving everything for the evenings especially Sunday evenings. It would be so nice to actually have a day of rest. After a long morning of classes I never feel like jumping into my homework. I usually watch tv, take a nap, snack. This inevitably leads to late late nights in the Art building finishing projects that I've had all week to do.

As I said in my previous post I want to take ballet classes. I think two classes a week would really help me feel less like a vegetable.

I want to be a better friend. It's really easy for me to spend all my time with the bf and neglect the girls but since I am graduating it is extra important for me to cherish the time I have with them. Plus I love girls nights.

I want to be more spontaneous. It's senior year, spring term! Enough said.

Now in general I think my biggest goal for this new year is to land a job! Preferably one that I enjoy but I'm not going to be picky.

So there you go!


  1. I love your goals...they are all wonderful but I especially like the last one : )

  2. Love your goals! I also want to cook more :)

  3. What a great list of goals. I have a feeling that you will do really great in all of them. I love the apron!


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