TaDa Voila!

I had such a sweet Sunday with my friend Kelsey. She is a new blogger but an old friend of mine. We met in the second grade and became fast friends. I've loved living closer to her these past few years and I can always count on her for a shopping day, a long lunch, and lots of girl talk. We also share a love of TGIFriday's Jack Daniel's Chicken bites and a good sale.

Yesterday, in our typical fashion we ditched the sit down restaurant and hit up Popeye's at the mall food court. After window shopping and a lot of hemming and hawing over shoes we headed back to my house to do what bloggers do best... talk about blogging.
TaDa Voila! is her pretty vulnerable blog about a diagnosis with a BRCA2 gene mutation and the steps that follow. She's gonna post about the tough stuff in life but she promises to throw in a little bit of the sweet stuff, namely cupcakes. 
We did a little revamp on her blog design and ordered a pizza (it was a healthy food day all around). She got a blog facelift and I got to have a whole day with one of my favourite friends.


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