Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Gift Time

Tonight Peter and I are exchanging gifts! I am so excited to give him mine and somehow I have managed to keep it all a secret. I only have to go a few more hours without giving it away! I think I can make.

Since I can't show you what's inside yet, I'm going to show you some DIY gift-wrapping details I tried out!

I made these gorgeous paper snow flakes using these instructions. The funnest part is unfolding them and seeing the final flake. I put a big flake inside the box and one on top, and a smaller one on top of the little box.

I used the ribbon and a bell left over from my hot chocolate jar project
To the big box I also added a bow that I made with scrap wrapping paper.

How to:
1. Cut 9 strips of paper 3/4 inch wide.
2. Make three of the 12 inches long, three more of them 11 inches long and two of them 10 inches long and cut one 3 1/2 inches long (this one you simply loop into a single circle, add a dot of glue and set aside.
3. Then you take the other strips and loop each end as shown below. Secure in the middle with a staple or glue.

4. Beginnning with the longer strips, layer them in alternating directions, securing with glue each time.
5. Add the final loop to the middle and voila!
The final produt:

I know Peter doesn't really care about how I wrap his presents. Nor do the presents really even matter. But I am still anxious for him to open them up! Although with all the super glue and ribbon he might have a harder time than he expects...

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  1. Such pretty wrapping! I'm sure he will love the efforts you put into it! Have a wonderful Christmas!