Lazy Sunday

Actually it was a lazy Saturday too. I don't know why but I did not change out of my pjs for the majority of the weekend. And yesterday I stayed in bed and read and caught up on blogs well into the afternoon. Maybe it's because Peter was out of town this weekend and my roomsky was visiting her family sunday afternoon but I hd no desire to be active.

As you know the previous weekend was chock full of time with friends and family and just super busy. Then I had a lousy couple days last week health wise so I think I just needed this weekend to be a bum. I wasn't totally unproductive though. I did manage to unpack my entire closet and check that off my list. Plus during the last few hours of the day roommate and I got the redecorating buzz and began moving furniture around and ended up completely reorganizing the kitchen cupboards!

Roomsky and I have also been working our way through Army Wives season 1 on Netflix. We both share a love for men in uniform (who doesn't) and I think I would be an excellent military wife! We pull out the trundle on my day bed, fix ourselves bowls of ice cream and settle in for drama and deployments. I am so hooked, which is why it's good news that Netflix has all 5 seasons!! I am, however, having a hard time waiting for roomsky to get home and not skipping ahead without her...

I have also discovered Pinterest (late in the game I know). Here are some of my favorite "pins" from this weekend:

Peaches, Prosciutto and Mozzarella Summer Salad

Cute little sheeps: My mom would love these!
Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

I am in LOVE with this shabby-chic mantle form PB:

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest

This pallet garden would be perfect for my patio:

Source: via Shannon on Pinterest


  1. i can't wait to see pictures of your finished room! it sounds like such an exciting change :) i'm so happy for you!


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