Friday, May 27, 2011

Memorial Weekend Plans

I am off to the beach this weekend with my honey! What are your plans?

This morning I dragged my suitcase onto the metro and all the way up to my office. Peter is picking me up right outside. He sold his car when he moved up to D.C since he is living in the middle of the city and doesn't really need one. I kept my car because I'm closer to the suburbs and besides, how else would I get to Target? (My dream is that one day there will be a Metro stop that drops me right inside the store...) So we will be taking my car to the beach. Lucky me, Peter took it to get the oil changed and a break light replaced yesterday (2 annoyingly quick repairs that I have been too lazy to take care of).

Anyways, he was very firm yesterday reminding me to pack my suitcases and not forget them, and to also not forget my phone (which I did yesterday). He also said that if I was not downstairs and in the car by 5:30 he would leave without me. I don't think he really meant this but I do know he means business! (He even told me to use the restroom before I leave work today- because apparently he thinks we wont be stopping along the way. hehe.)

Fortunately for us it looks like we're going to get on the road a little earlier and hopefully beat some of the rush hour traffic getting out of the city because....this popped into my inbox a few minutes ago:

Woohoo! I love my job!

(But I am so ready for a long weeked at the beach!)


  1. You're such a lucky girl : ) Have fun! I'm with the boy-don't forget your phone!

  2. Have a great weekend! Which beach are you heading out to?

  3. Have fun I hope you have awesome weather!!