How Shannon Gets Her Groove Back

I have lost my blogging groove (and I am losing followers and hope left and right). It's not that I'm lacking content, or free time but I sit down to right a post and I just can't make it work. And the longer this writers block continues the harder it is to get back into it. I think my issue is that I have too much content. I feel too much pressure to write about every little thing that is going on in my life that it gets overwhelming and I end up writing about nothing. I also think it's got something to do with how few photos I've taken. It's easier to build a post and tell a story with images to back it up. It's not so easy to get my boyfriend to pose with me for pictures. Hence I have zero pictures from my weekend at the beach and I am so disappointed.

I have no pictures of Peter and I sitting on the dock together enjoying the last few hours of sun. I have no pictures of me schooling him and his dad in Wii bowling. And I have no pictures to document the little tussle his aunt and uncle had with animal control.

Peter even told me to post about that last one as it was completely ridiculous. Basically his aunt and uncle found a sweet King Charles Spaniel loose in the neighborhood. They took the pup over to the gate house to see if they knew which neighbor it belonged to. The guards didn't know and insisted on calling animal control. His aunt and uncle brought the dog to Peter's house and when animal control contacted them asking where they were so he could collect the dog, his aunt and uncle refused to disclose their whereabouts. Animal control threatened to call the police and slap them with a ticket for stealing/ harboring a fugitive or something along those lines. His uncle said they'd have to find him first and nan-a-nan-a-boo-boo! Well, that obviously did not make animal control happy, so he did call police and after a minor hold up they reluctantly handed over the dog, but only after they were assured it was a no-kill animal shelter and animal control promised to contact them when they found the dog's owner. It was the strangest thing to wake up to.

Now, how much better would that story have been if I had pictures of his aunt sparring with animal control on the front lawn??

So my plan to get my blogging groove back is quite simple: take more pictures and chill out!


  1. Sometimes it seems easier if pictures are involved! Hope you get your groove back soon until then good story.

  2. Well, in your defense we have your good camera here. Sorry we brought that back with us...we'll bring it this weekend then you can go snap happy crazy! Can't wait to see you!


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