Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Guest Post & Part 2

Make sure to pop over to Tea Time With Tess today to read my first ever guest post!

Anyway... right back to where I left off in D.C.

On the next day I was up there, L dropped me off at the Metro station and I headed into the city by myself while L had to go to work. I had set up a meeting for 11 (more details on that to come) but after that I met up with Peter's mom and sister for lunch. Then we headed over to his sister's new condo to see all the renovations she's been doing. After she headed back to work, Peter's mom and I drove out to her house in Alexandria. (I was seriously all over Maryland, Virginia and D.C those couple of days.) She is also in the process of renovating her home! Boy did I catch the decorating bug!

I then took the Metro back to Maryland and met L at the station for a nice little walk back to her house. We made a wardrobe change and headed out for dinner to this yummy place called Sweet Green, it's like Chipotle for really fresh, customizable salads. We had a lazy night and just lounged around and hung out with her roommates for the rest of the evening.

On Wednesday I slept in while L went work for a little bit (sorry girl). Then we actually did have Chipotle for lunch. Afterwards we decided to wander aimlessly around Target (like you do) for a little while before heading home so I could pack up and get ready to fly back to SC.

L drove me to the airport and we said our goodbyes, with plans to see each other soon... and then of course 4 hours later I was still at the airport, flight cancelled because apparently between the thunderstorm and the man asleep in the air traffic control tower I was not meant to leave that evening. Oh well...

Guess that's it! I'm all caught up on the blogging front. Sorry if my posts weren't as interesting as my actual trip.

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