Find That Frock!

I want that hot pink polka dot dress that the girl is wearing in the T-Mobile commercial!
Who makes it? What brand is it? Where can I buy it?
I have been looking all over google for the answers to these questions and so far...nada!
I am clearly not the only one interested in finding this pretty little frock. Look at alllll these inconclusive and disappointing search results:
If you know anything about this elusive dress please let me know! I will love you forever!
During my search, I did find a link to a cute little website that sells mod polka dot dresses, if you're interested.
The Mystery of The T-Mobile Pink Polka Dotted Dress... to be continued.


  1. Don't you hate it when that happens? Entertainment Weekly (in the magazine and online) where they find things that were on TV. Maybe you should submit this dress, or see if someone else has!

  2. You're not going to like this answer Shannon, but I found your answer!

    T-Mobile says that their wardrobe department made it just for the commercial :( I love the dress also.

    I found the answers here:

  3. hahaha that's hilarious! it's a cute dress, so no wonder people want the 411. if you're in the mood for slightly different, but equally as cute dresses, you'll like my find today!

  4. Old Navy has some cute dresses right now...not pink polka dots but lots of cute ones I could see you wearing. I saw them online because as you know we do not have Old Navy. Or Chick fil a which is totally unrelated but still.

  5. I fall in love with this dress every time I see it and I google often to see if someone came up with a replica.



    1. Thanks! That's the closest one I've seen yet!


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