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I'm back. I really didn't go anywhere but for some reason I was feeling super uninspired and just couldn't sit down to blog. Plus, Peter has been borrowing my computer because his broke and he doesn't have Word yet. Now it's getting ridiculous though and I simply have to do a post before tomorrow's Wednesday Hodgepodge or I'm afraid I'll let another week go by. So strap in for a long post.

Last week my old roommate came to visit. Actually she came for other reasons but she stayed for me! It was such a nice little surprise visit, especially since it hadn't been that long since her last trip at homecoming. If all my friends could try to visit me regularly that would be THE BEST! She got to town late Tuesday night. Wednesday we got up and went to lunch together at an old favorite that never gets old. Unfortunately I then had to go to work later in the day but when I got home we ran up to the gas station and got candy and snacks and then we rented Sex and the City 2 on demand and had a fun girly movie night. I hadn't seen it since I saw it in theaters and I'll tell you what, I would not say no to a vacation in Abu Dabi or one of these:

The next day I had to work really early and it seemed like an especially long day since I knew my friend was just sitting around my apartment without me. Since she had been stuck inside all day, we decided to go out that night for a nice dinner at the yummy restaurant where my current roommate hostesses some nights. We split this great salad, a bowl of absolutely divine fried goat cheese balls (drizzled with honey and sprinkled with pistachios....are you drooling?) and shared some gourmet pizza. We were there for over two hours and it was perfect! Then we went back to the apartment where we talked some more and revisited every great 90's song (including but not limited to Scrub-TLC, Digital Get Down-Nsync, and the best of Britney Spears).

Sadly she had to leave the next day but not before she treated me to the best BBQ in town! It was a great visit-please come back and live with me again!

... moving along...This past weekend my sister and I got to spend some quality time together while our boys were camping with their fraternity. We (I) made dinner in my apartment and then we finally went and saw the movie Life As We Know It, which I have been wanting to see since it came out. It definitely lived up to my expectations and Sister will tell you I was crying or and laughing most of the movie.

Yesterday I had a lovely, long coffee date with a dear friend and then made the decision to re-read the Seventh Harry Potter. I haven't read it since the first time I picked it up-the day it came out I read it in less than a day in a hurried frenzy! I wanted to make sure I remembered all the wonderful details before I see the movie (which is out this Friday!!) Well, I started it around 4:30 and I only have a little more than 200 pages left so I don't if it was any less frenzied but I definitely feel way more pumped and ready to see the film (which will never be as good as the book but does a pretty decent job of satisfying my desire that this was real.)

Phew. I feel like I can now answer tomorrow's hodepodge questions since I no longer have this huge update hanging over me. Sorry to unload all of this in one post. Congratulations on finishing this epic post, I thank you for your loyalty.


  1. Hey Shannon! You are precious! I am super-pumped about part 1 of Harry Potter... the movie trailers look amazing!

  2. I would never say no to one of those rings either! I love visiting your blog because I always feel like it's such a breath of girl-air after my own testosterone-filled life. : )

  3. Hi Shannon! It does indeed sound like you and your girlfriend had an awesome time together! My girlfriend and I saw Life As We Know It and loved it, too, AND cried AND laughed!! It was soooo good!
    Hopefully, I can do the Hodgepodge this week! *fingers crossed* :-)

  4. I had a small heart attack when I saw that ring and the title of your post : )

    Your sissy told me about your emotional state during the movie. You are too sweet for words.

    Notice I haven't phoned you for any IT help. Yet.


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