Tuesday Tunes: I'm In Love

This week my boyfriend and I are celebrating our two year anniversary. Thursday October 7th is the actual date but I've decided to dedicate this Tuesday Tunes to us (and to all the other lovers out there...do I sound like Delilah?)

Every couple has that special song that reminds them of their significant other. The song that was playing in the background when they met, or the first song they danced to....Anywho, here's my playlist of songs that make me smile and think of Peter and they are just plain good love songs:

I Could Hold You- Ray Lamontagne
Better Than Love- Griffin House
Sparks- Coldplay
Up All Night- Counting Crows
I've Just Seen A Face-The Beatles
Stolen-Dashboard Confessional
By The Way They Dance- Jump Little Children
On A Night Like This-Dave Barnes


  1. This is so cute! Delilah.... not so cute, in my opinion.

  2. Congrats on your 2 year anniversary. That is awesome! Hope you guys have a wonderful celebration on the 7th. Love & blessings from NC!


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