Some Days Are a Marathon

Some days work flies by, like yesterday. I was so productive and felt really good about all the work I did.

Other days are a test of my endurance. Like today...
I have to push myself. I have to see how long I can go without realizing I'm bored, or without looking at the clock.

Today was one of those days and it was only heightened by the fact that today is actually my Friday. I worked all weekend and now I have Tuesday and Wednesday off.

Plus.... Peter has been out of town for over two weeks and he's coming home tomorrow!!! Can I get a woo woo?!

Now it's time for my reality TV fix of the week:
Tonight is episode two of the Bachelor Pad. Seriously, no good can come from 20 or so ex-bachelor/ette contestants all sleeping in the same bedroom. Who's idea was that? I'm going to get myself a mini butterfinger blizzard and enjoy the train wreck that is this show. Peter thought once the Bachelorette was over I'd be free on Monday nights again...little does he know ABC has sucked me right back into another two-hour show* about scandalousness they are trying to pass off as love.

*The trick to really enjoying these shows is to not watch the previews or the "coming up on this episode" because they give it all away right there. I honestly believe this show could be half an hour long so to stay interested for the full two hours, its best if I keeps things a surprise.

It's been a long day. I am sorry this post has been about nothing.

PS. Today is my aunt's birthday! I think I've mentioned her on here before but she is also a fabulous blogger, mother and photographer. Go check her out!


  1. Hey Shannon - Thanks for the shout out! I wasn't expecting that as I was reading your post. I'm sorry but I don't share your love of all things Bachelor/ette but the blizzard sounds delicious! Enjoy!

  2. It's going downhill fast. But I'm still excited to watch it with you next week. teehee


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