Let Freedom Ring

I am stuck at work this holiday while Peter is off with our friends in Charleston... boo. So to cheer myself up and to perhaps give you all a bit of a laugh, here are a couple jokes from an English comedian named John Oliver about the Fourth of July (and some events leading up to it) that reminded me of the feelings towards this day in other parts of the world and what it was like to celebrate the 4th in England.

To get the full affect it's best if you read these out-loud in a really posh British accent.
"I took a tip from your history books, and, the day after election day, I got a truckload of Dr. Pepper and just drove it straight into Boston Harbor. See how you like your favorite beverage being drowned."

"Frankly, I could not believe I was not allowed to vote. Three and a half years I've lived here! I work hard -- relatively speaking for someone who does this for a living. I pay my taxes. I try to fit in. I've learnt your rudimentary* language. I don't know what more you could reasonably expect me to do. And that's when it hit me. I know why I'm so angry. I know what this is -- taxation without representation. Now I get it. Now I see why you got so pissy about it all those years ago. It is annoying. You were right. It is annoying and consider that as close to an apology as you are ever going to get. "

*in British speak this is said like so: rudiMehnn tree

Since I don't get to see any fireworks tonight please enjoy my mini 4th of July blog celebration. Imagine sitting on a picnic blanket in a field with the remains of bbq and red white and blue jello jigglers. Cue lots of cheering, the Star Spangled Banner playing in the background.Top it off with loud exploding crackling fireworks illuminating our flag....

Happy Independence Day!