Chick-FIl-A has done it! They now have a new Spicy Chicken Sandwich and lunch is officially complete! I was not the only one excited about this. The sandwiches were "launched" yesterday. They were giving them out for free and you had to actually reserve your spicy chicken sandwich. People were selling their coupons for the free sandwiches on ebay! Madness I tell you! I actually was completely out of the loop- didn't know any of this was going on- so I had to wait and be normal and try the sandwich today. The verdict is in and Chick-Fil-A's position as the best fast food restaurant is solidified! Sonic is a close second.

I got a really beautiful necklace in the mail from my parents yesterday. You should visit the store: The Chocolate Goat. They have all kinds of cute gifts as well as chocolates! I wore it out to dinner with Peter last night. The beads are really cool clay, delicate and summery colors and I love it!
Today is my first yoga class. I am excited and a little nervous because I am not feeling very flexible or zen. But I already used my Target gift cards to get some clothes and a yoga mat so I'm committed. Wish me luck!

So my friend Whitney, who graduated a year ahead of me and was on my young life team, has just started a blog! Check it out: The Curtis Casa.

This is my 60th post by the way. Sorry it's been a post about a lot of random stuff.


  1. Gorgeous necklace. Mama has good taste or was it Dad that picked it out. From what I know, he's got good taste, too. :-)

    My friend LOVES Chick-fil-a and will be very happy that she's moving from Michigan to Alabama this month. Having her favorite fast food will make the move all worth it.

  2. We all ate our free sandwich at Chick-fil-a last week and it was HOT!!! Adelaide and I are not real fans of really hot stuff, so it was a bit hot for us. Lots of people love it. I'll stick with the regular or grilled sandwich. Your necklace is beautiful. Mom picked out a great gift for you. I'll have to check out that store. The name is cute! Good luck with your yoga. That is one thing that I have never tried out, but I have friends who love it. Hope your summer is going well. I'll get over and check out your friends blog. Love & blessings from NC!


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