My Excuses.

Here is the run down of my last few days and the reasons for my absence and for being a very bad blogger. (you may be thinking-"but didn't she post this morning?" well yes I did but I actually cheated and wrote that post over a week ago and scheduled it to go up today)
WARNING: This may stress you out.

I had my last Young Life club (which is too sad to think about right now). Then I was up until 4:30 am doing work for my Ad Design class project. The project that we have been working on alllll term that was due in two days.
(Above: Me, Leah and Liz- all senior YL leaders and the sweet mom who gave us those cute carriers as a graduation gift)
Woke up at 8:30 studied until noon for my Political Economy of Mass Media exam, which I did well on (however, even after an entire term in this class... I could not tell you what the title Political Economy of Mass Media means). Then I spent the entire day in the art building switching back and forth from finishing ad design work and preparing the presentation to studying for my Arts of Japan exam. And by "entire day in the art building," I meant I did not sleep. At. all.
Left art building around 7:30 am, slept for 30 minutes. Took a shower (tried not to fall asleep and slip). Threw on a dress, pulled my damp hair into a bun, tried to ignore the bags under my eyes. Went back to art building to meet my ad design project partner and to run through out presentation once more. Presentation at 9 am- actually went really well- sleep deprivation is a funny thing! It would have felt so good to be done with that but... I had Arts of Japan exam hanging over me-did I mention it was cumulative? So I went back to my apartment to study some more and set my alarm because I just knew I would fall asleep while studying... which I did. Arts of Japan exam was at noon and was actually not as bad as I anticipated. Drove through Wendy's and then headed straight back to my apartment. Slept from 3 in the afternoon until the next day.
Peter's fraternity had the last function of the year. It's called Woodser. You go tubing in the morning on the Green River (it was kind of rainy so Peter and I opted out of that). Then in the afternoon everyone dresses up like rednecks (don't judge me by the costume), we hang out in a big field roast a pig, play corn hole and have fun! After the function, which ended around 8 I went to bed, because all-nighters take multiple days to recover from.
(Above: all the seniors at the function. Below: all the ADPis at the function)
Are you a exhausted as I was? I got tired just thinking about it. Fortunately I don't think I'll have any more all-nighters. I don't know too many jobs that require that, and if they do at least you're getting paid. Well my parents get here tomorrow and I have my LAST exam! Then I am officially DONE!



  1. Congratulations on finishing college! What a great accomplishment. You're right in that most jobs don't require all-nighters. Until you become a parent. Then a complete night of uninterrupted sleep is a dream. Store up all the snoozing while you can! : )

  2. I am a newer reader. That sounds like an exhausting few days! So excited to see the picture of the ADPis. I am an ADPi alum! :)

  3. Awwwww college is over! It seems like you have made some great memories with even more wonderful friends!

  4. One job comes to mind...speaking of which, don't forget Sunday is Mother's Day : )

    Can't wait to see you!! The totes are so cute...that was sweet!

  5. I have 2 of those market totes and I love mine! What a nice gift from that sweet Mom! Shannon, you make me tired just reading your blog. Adelaide finished up today. Yea, let the summer begin!!! I will be praying for you on Wednesday as you finish up your exams. I know you are excited to have your Mom and Dad come down and to go on vacation with your family next week. Have fun at graduation this weekend. Your party last week looked like fun. I love to play corn hole. Take care. Love & blessings from NC!


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