Tuesday Tunes

I am going to start a regular weekly post, something people will hopefully look forward to reading (and it will help me out during slow news week. Hopefully one day I will have a slow week...) I love music! I love my ipod and itunes. I love love love making mix cds for people. I like to sing in the car, in the shower, in public, whatever. I also play guitar and lead music for my young life club. I thought I would try out a weekly music review/recommendation. And here it is.... Introducing TUESDAY TUNES. What do you think? Feel free to veto this idea- just know that I am semi attached to the button that I designed. I haven't decided if I want to do more than one song each week, or maybe one band, or focus on one genre like love songs or good songs to take a nap to.

So here goes...the inaugural Tuesday Tunes post:
Today Peter "kidnapped" me after I was finished with my internship and we went on a spontaneous drive. It was absolutely beautiful today, sunny and 90 degrees. We put the sun roof down and blasted some good driving-summer time music. Like one of my personal favorites below. Enjoy the weather, enjoy the song!


  1. Yay! I'll get some good music : )

    Personally I love the button!

  2. We love music at our house too. Adelaide and her friends love to ride in the car and sing their hearts out. My husband loves the Beatles, so we jam out to the Beatles a lot with him. Music lifts the spirits!! Don't you agree? I love just about any kind of music, except opera! Enjoyed your first song. Love & blessings from NC!


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