Pia, Peter, Prank, Party

The title gives a preview of the subjects of this post! It was a particularly great weekend. It was beautiful, high 70's and sunny all weekend, and just jammed pack with fun-ness. Here we go!

Last year I think we had maybe 5 candle light ceremonies in my sorority. We have a lot of girls in my pledge class who are in serious relationships but we've had zero this year. Pia was the closest, her boyfriend has been graduated for a while and they have been together for a long time. She was definitely our best chance for a candle light. And... as of Friday night... she is engaged!! It was so much fun hearing the proposal story, seeing the beautiful ring, and celebrating with her and all our friends downtown!

Saturday night was my sorority's formal and my last sorority function. ever. My boyfriend (who's name, by the way, is Peter) was getting back kind of late in the day from a rugby game in Charleston. I knew he was going to be tired from the game but I was determined to make this the best function ever. I was getting ready at my girlfriend's apartment and Peter and the other dates were going to meet us there before the function. So Peter calls me about an hour before we are supposed to leave and tells me the tux rental place gave him the wrong one! I tell him that's it ok because I don't really care what he wears, I am just happy he's going with me. He calls me back a few minutes later and says he's on his way over. He also tells me he's just going to wear khakis and button up! I explain, calmly at first, that what I meant was I didn't care if he didn't wear the tux jacket, or if he wore just a regular suit. He says no the tux looks so stupid and his suits are wrinkled, he's going to wear khakis. That's when I lost my cool and started crying. He says he's on his way over and if I'm going to be mad at him he'll just find a ride back to his place. He hangs up. I'm still crying. A minute later he calls me back and our conversation went a little something like this:
Peter: "are you crying?"
Me: sobs, heaves "yes"
Peter: "please stop crying. I was just kidding. I'm wearing the tux."
Me: pause, sobs, hiccup "what?"
Peter: "don't cry, you'll mess up your makeup. I'm not wearing khakis."
Me: sob, hiccup, laugh "That was not funny!" sob, laugh
Peter: "well.. it was a little funny"

Yep, I am not good at picking up on sarcasm but I got over it. Anyways, Peter looked great! We danced and had so much fun. He was the best date ever and it ended up being my favorite function! Here is a picture. I haven't uploaded mine to the computer yet so this is just a preview of what's to come.



  1. You just made me so wistful for my Chi O days...there was NOTHING better than a candle ceremony! I remember being so angry at Tyler at my last meeting, because he and I had been together since we were 16 - for.ev.er in college time, and he didn't propose before I crossed to Alum. Congratulations to your sister!

  2. This made me tear up...I miss those days so much. I am an Alpha Phi Alumni and my husband a TKE, formals were so much fun!

  3. Shannon, your weekend sounded like so much fun!! I'm so excited that your sorority sister got engaged and you all could have a candlelight ceremony for her. How exciting!! Love your dress!! You and Peter make such a cute couple. Sorry he got you upset, but I'm glad things worked out well and you had an awesome time at the party. I can't wait to see your other pictures. Have a great week! Love & blessings from NC!

  4. He is a little early for April Fools day! You all look beautiful.

  5. Awww you two look so happy! I am a Tri Delta alumn and miss the days of chapter, rush, and candlelights (oh, the surprises!) I am glad you had fun.. Peter's joke sounds like something my hubs would do too. Have a great day!

  6. i'm new to your blog- and i'm so glad to have found another greek blogger out there! we have formal very soon and i'm still without a dress- but i love yours!

    feel free to check out my blog anytime!


  7. Shannon -- thanks for the comment - so fun about the sun tan lotion! We are still trying to get the vaseline out of Ashley's hair! Great blog by the way!


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